Big adventure book from intrepid Harborough man

Ed Stafford with his latest book Adventures for a Lifetime. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER
Ed Stafford with his latest book Adventures for a Lifetime. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Harborough-based adventurer and TV star Ed Stafford has a big new book out soon, encouraging readers to “do their own bonkers trip!”

Ed (42), who lives in Hallaton, was the first person to walk the length of the Amazon and now hosts survival shows on the Discovery Channel.

The new book, ‘Adventures For A Lifetime’ with a foreword by polar explorer Ranulph Fiennes, is out on October 4 - but you can pre-order now online.

“It’s like a bucket list for the brave really” Ed told the Mail this week.

“If you’ve got that explorer itch and it’s not been scratched yet, it’s got loads of suggestions from white water rafting to desert adventures.

“The idea is you read through and get inspiration for your own adventure - or just treat it as an uplifting read.”

So who is the new book aimed at?

“It’s for people who want to do something that might make their friends say “you’re crazy!”, but to do it in a responsible manner.

“I think you get more out of a trip if you try to push the boat out a bit; stretch yourself.

“But it includes quite a comprehensive bit about risk and responsibility too, and getting yourself to the level of capability to do the trip safely.”

And why are more people looking for an adventurous holiday?

Ed said: “We’re more and more detached from nature - sitting in front of a computer all day long under artificial light and spending a lot of time indoors.

“Phones and laptops do help us in so many ways, but they do come with a health warning.

“The book comes up with solutions for people who want to spend more time outdoors; literally to spend more time next to Nature.

“An adventure outdoors can be like a re-boot for the soul!”