Attack victim from Harborough feels ‘completely let down’ by justice system

Cllr Blake Pain required dental work to replace teeth after the attack
Cllr Blake Pain required dental work to replace teeth after the attack

The former leader of Harborough District Council says he feels “annoyed and completely let down” by the criminal justice system after an unprovoked attack on him in a Market Harborough pub.

Councillor Blake Pain was left with a permanent scar above his eye and has had to have expensive dental work since the attack.

But he says he was disappointed by both the charge his attacker faced and the “lenient” sentence he got.

Leicester Magistrates’ Court heard how Darcy Kitson-Boyce launched an unprovoked assault on Cllr Pain in the King’s Head pub on August 19, punching him repeatedly to the head and face.

Kitson-Boyce, 29, of Rushes Lane, Lubenham, pleaded guilty last week to assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Cllr Pain.

His defence was he felt Cllr Pain had acted inappropriately in the pub – a claim that Cllr Pain completely denies.

Kitson-Boyce was given a year’s community service order, during which he will have to complete 150 hours unpaid work. He also had to pay £3,500 compensation to Cllr Pain and court costs of £85.

But after the case, Cllr Pain, 40, told the Mail that he now felt the system had let him down as a victim of crime.

He said he felt his point of view was under-represented in the court case, the charge should have been more severe, and the sentence was too light.

He said: “Assaults of any kind upon anyone should be discouraged, which is why I am disappointed at not only the level of charge but the leniency of the sentence.”

As for the compensation, it had been mostly used up in “four or five sessions” of expensive dental treatment to have teeth replaced, he said.

Cllr Pain is a district and county councillor, and was leader of Harborough District Council until he stood down in September, 2017.