Arsonists set fire to rubber mat under park play equipment

Play equipment at a Harborough park funded by the group Play England has been damaged in an arson attack.

The fire service was called to Symington’s Recreation Ground off St Mary’s Road, Harborough, at 4.43pm on Tuesday, July 29.

One crew from the Harborough fire station attended the incident.

Firefighters found that rubber matting underneath the banked climbing frame had been deliberately set alight. The police were also informed.

The play equipment is at the edge of the park, close to neighbouring properties, but a spokesman for the fire service said the fire had not been serious enough to spread to homes.

The council and an independent play assessor examined the equipment for safety on Thursday.

A district council spokesman said: “No structural damage to play equipment was found following the fire, and consequently there is no need to remove any play equipment.

“There was some superficial damage which will be repaired. We urge anyone with information about this incident to contact police.”

The play equipment was installed four years ago, part of the then Labour government’s national Play Strategy, launched in 2008.