‘Appalling’ tale of 5am cat killing in the street


A Market Harborough resident watched in horror as a family’s pet cat was mauled and killed on a town street by a dog being walked on a lead.

The attack, lasting more than five minutes, happened at around 5am last Friday morning on Newcombe Street, not far from Northampton Road in Market Harborough.

Local resident Melissa Jacques said: “The woman dog owner was just standing there. There was no pulling the dog away. I didn’t hear her shouting. She didn’t seem to be doing anything to stop the attack.

“It was either malicious or she couldn’t control her dog. Either way it was appalling - utterly unacceptable.”

The cat was owned by the Locke family, also of Newcombe Street - Becky Locke had her three children aged 14, 11 and nine.

The family’s pet was called Jinx, under a year old and pregnant - her kittens were due in three weeks, said Becky.

“I noticed Jinx had gone on Friday morning” said Becky. “She goes out at night, but is always there when I open the door in the morning.”

Becky added: “The children know our cat has died, but I haven’t given them any details”.

Witness Melissa, an events manager, and also a cat owner, said she was awoken by a cat wailing at 5am on Friday.

“At first I just thought it was a cat fight, but the noise went on and seemed to get louder and quieter again as if it was moving down the street.

“I got up and looked out of my window and saw a woman with a dog on a lead, which was messing around with what was now a totally immobile cat.

“I shouted ‘what are you doing?’ at her, and she pulled the dog off and scurried away.”

Melissa dashed out of her house and followed the woman as far as Walcot Road, before returning home.

She said the dog owner was slight, in a long dark jacket and straight trousers and carrying a Tesco’s bag for life.

The dog was mainly white with a dark patch and looked like “a big, stocky Jack Russell, under two feet high”.