Another hold-up with footbridge over railway at Little Bowden

An artist's impression of the finished bridge
An artist's impression of the finished bridge

There’s been another hold-up with the long-awaited footbridge over the main railway line at Little Bowden.

Though the bridge looks finished, it still can’t be crossed by the public - because Network Rail hasn’t got council permission for it to be used as a public right of way.

“Network Rail hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory with this. The whole saga has been going on too long” said local councillor Dr Sarah Hill.

“It’s annoying to see that the bridge looks like it’s finished, but you can’t use it. I’ve no idea why Network Rail didn’t ask for right-of-way permission weeks ago.”

The footbridge replaces the pedestrian crossing over the railway line that was abruptly closed by Network Rail in August 2015 on safety grounds.

Planning permission for the new bridge was granted by Harborough District Council in October 2016. Work started on the bridge in October this year. The contractors have now left the site, but the bridge is still blocked off.

A Network Rail spokeswoman said: “Whilst the bridge at Little Bowden has progressed well, we are now waiting for the final approval of the public right of way to be moved from the closed crossing to the new bridge.

“As soon as this is granted, we will finish the work on the bridge and open to members of the public as soon as possible. We’d like to thank the local community for their patience during this vital work to make the railway at Little Bowden safer.”