Air quality black spot is declared in Harborough district

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A 750-metre stretch of road in the Harborough district has been declared as an air quality black spot.

The Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) is on the A6 through Kibworth, between the Coach and Horses pub and the roundabout to Wistow Road to the north of the village.

The air quality ‘fail’ affects not just the road, but a narrow band of land either side of it, including around 14 local households.

The declaration of the 
AQMA confirms findings 
reported in the Harborough Mail in March this year.

In 2016, the average measurement of harmful nitrogen dioxide on the road was 55 micrograms in each cubic metre of air.

This was 37.5 per cent higher than the recommended maximum of 40.

Air quality measurements in this part of Kibworth were above recommended levels for 11 of the 12 months of 2016.

Local county councillor Dr Kevin Feltham said he was particularly concerned that high NO2 levels were being found “in a semi rural location rather than an urban location”.

Cllr Phil King, Harborough District Council’s deputy leader, said the council was now working on a plan to combat the low air quality.

Measures could include a weight limit that would effectively ban big lorries or lowering the speed limit.

“It’s no good saying ‘let’s build a magic bypass’” said Cllr King, who also represents Kibworth.

“Even if I heard today there was going to be a multi-million bypass, it could be 10-15 years before it was built - maybe longer.”