African head teacher says thanks for support

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A thank you from Africa has been received this week by the Mail.

Gambian head teacher Ismaila Sisay sent the message to local people whose cash donations through a Harborough area charity have helped to keep his school alive.

Mr Sisay, the head teacher at Miss Joyces International Nursery School in The Gambia, said that without help from the Harborough district “the school would be closed by now”.

The tiny Gambian Children’s Fund, based in East Farndon, raises £300 a month to sponsor the school, which caters for more than 400 young children in Kumkujang, western Gambia.

An appeal for help from charity founder Sharon Jervis in the Mail recently resulted in a £2,000 donation from Leicester Grammar School in Great Glen and individual donations.

“We would like to thank the grammar school and all other donators for their kind gesture to the school,” said Mr Sisay. “Without them, education in this school would not have been possible.”

He explained that nursery school education is a key requirement for children wanting to go on to further study.

“As teachers in the school are not paid by the government, we are appealing for a helping hand to realise our dream to enable these tender children to succeed in life,” Mr Sisay explained.

He added that without 10 years of help from Sharon’s charity “the school would have closed by now.”

Sharon said: “We’ve taken on the funding challenge and now we can’t turn our back on these kids.”

For more details about the charity, see the website.