200-year-old crucifix will be a ‘focal point’ for Thorpe Langton church

The crucifix inside St Leonard's church
The crucifix inside St Leonard's church

After many weeks of searching, a 200-year-old crucifix has been found, cleaned and now placed inside St Leonard’s church in Thorpe Langton.

It was donated by Michael and Fiona Thompson of Top House, Thorpe Langton.

Early in 2015 the idea of mounting a crucifix at the head of the rood screen came to Michael and he sought the views of the church officials, who were in favour.

After many weeks of unsuccessful searching, John and Lynn Loomes, friends of Michael’s and long term residents of Thorpe Langton, came across a crucifix they thought would be suitable at an Antiques Fair at Grimsthorpe Castle. They alerted Michael to it and he and his wife Fiona visited the fair the following day. Liking the crucifix as it was so beautifully carved, they bought it. It was said to have come from a redundant church in Northumberland.

John and Lynn Loomes, both of whom specialise in antiques and works of art, believe it is in excess of 200 years old and not surprisingly it was dirty and superficially in poor condition. John and Lynn offered to clean and restore it. After many hours of skilful and painstaking work, they mounted the crucifix on the screen at St Leonard’s just in time for the Carol Service. Michael and Fiona said: “It provides a truly appropriate focal point in the nave and they hope it will adorn the church for the benefit of many generations of worshippers and visitors in the future.”