Naseby is gearing up ready to recreate historic battle

People getting ready for the re-enactment for Naseby
People getting ready for the re-enactment for Naseby

The village and battlefield of Naseby will be filled again with Royalist and Parliamentarian soldiers in a two day re-enactment of the famous battle.

Hundreds of re-enactors from the Sealed Knot on Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14 and it will take place at Mill Hill.

Apart from commemorating one of the most important battles in English history, the purpose of the event is to publicise the work of and to raise funds for the Naseby Heritage Group.

It has been established between All Saints Church in Naseby and the Naseby Battlefield Project, who are working together with Church of England buildings officers, and the Diocese of Peterborough, to create a joint visitor and community centre in part of the 13th Century All Saints Church.

It is designed to be of benefit to the whole community and develop an educational experience.

Lord Arthur Hazlerigg, chairman of the Naseby Battlefield Project, said: “The Battle Of Naseby is arguably the second most important English battle after the Battle of Hastings.

“It therefore needs to be provided with a spectacular visitor centre in order to raise the awareness of the battle’s significance and to educate people on the role the civil war played in giving us the constitution we have today.

“I also hope we can make the Naseby Parish Church not only home to the Naseby Battlefield visitor centre but also a place for the memorial to the fallen of the civil war as a whole. Please come and support our cause over the weekend which is very much a local event where we will listen to your ideas and views.”

Earl Spencer, patron of the Naseby Battlefield Project added: “The Battle of Naseby saw the end of the Royalist army as a fighting force, and helped to bring forward the cause of democracy as we know it today.

“I think it’s a national disgrace that we don’t have a memorial at Naseby, to remind people of this great moment in our history. I am interested to learn about the proposed joint project with Naseby church, and very much hope that - if all parties can work together - something meaningful can result from this.”

Parking and admission is free but donations are welcome.