'I have made my commute in Harborough much more enjoyable by swapping four wheels for two' - businessman urges others to get on their bike

Inspired Kevin Verbruggen said as he backed the local authority’s electric bike loan scheme: “I love cycling to work!”

Tuesday, 17th March 2020, 1:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th March 2020, 1:50 pm
Kevin Verbruggen

A Market Harborough businessman is echoing the county council’s call to commuters to get on their bikes.

Inspired Kevin Verbruggen said as he backed the local authority’s electric bike loan scheme: “I love cycling to work!”

Account director of Shine Marketing in Talbots Yard, Kevin extolled the positives of swapping four wheels for two.

“It’s the first time I’ve used an electric bike for regular commuting and it’s made my commute a lot more enjoyable,” he said.

“I get real fresh air and exercise every morning - so I feel really energised and ready for work.”

The county council blueprint offers workplaces across Leicestershire the opportunity to borrow from their stock of bikes and access free advice, equipment and support to help encourage active and sustainable travel.

“I have seen so many real benefits of swapping to a bike,” insisted Kevin.

“I have a much better commute to work now and I’m spending less on fuel.”

Members of the Choose How You Move team visit workplaces and support businesses across Leicestershire.

They introduce initiatives to help their staff get active through car-sharing schemes, bike pools, cycle to work schemes and lunch time walks.

Cllr Blake Pain, acting deputy leader and with cabinet responsibility for action on climate change, said: “I am pleased to hear Kevin has joined the many Leicestershire people choosing to leave their car at home and have a more sustainable and healthier journey.

“It is important that businesses understand the contribution they can make towards a more sustainable environment.”

He added: “All organisations should be conscious of their environmental impact.

“The county council are happy to help all businesses in Leicestershire improve their active travel facilities and encourage their staff to take up cycling, walking, car sharing, or taking public transport to work.

“I encourage the public to get in touch.

“They’ll be surprised on how much we can offer them.”

Those interested in joining Kevin in having a quicker, healthier and more sustainable commute can contact the county council’s Choose How You Move team at: www.choosehowyoumove.co.uk/leicestershire-businesseshttp://www.choosehowyoumove.co.uk/leicestershire-businesses or email [email protected]