Harborough catering entrepreneur fights to keep her head above water as she confronts the coronavirus emergency head on

Many businesses are trying to survive in these unprecedented times

By Red Williams
Thursday, 19th March 2020, 11:08 am
Updated Thursday, 19th March 2020, 11:10 am

A Market Harborough catering entrepreneur is fighting to keep her head above water as she confronts the coronavirus emergency head on.

Donna Bee, 40, has built up a highly-successful business running Mrs Bee’s Kitchen since November 2008.

But she’s now facing a bitter battle to survive and bounce back after her booming full orders book has been ripped apart.

Donna Bee.

Dynamic Donna, of Nithsdale Avenue, Harborough, said: “We’ve been hit for six.

“I’ve obviously never known anything like this crisis before.

“But it’s good to know there are other small businessmen and women in the same boat so we can talk and support each other.”

The tenacious mum-of-two added: “We were looking forward to a really good season.

“We were almost fully booked catering for weddings and other big events every week from now until October.

“We also cater for about 15 smaller corporate events a week.

“But all of March has now been cancelled as well as all our work for April.

“At the moment every weekend is booked in May – but they have clearly become very uncertain.

“Some customers have rearranged dates for later in the year.

“But we’ve inevitably got a cashflow problem.

“I’ve had to let a chef go – and he’s an excellent chef and a really good guy so that’s been tough.

“But if I didn’t act now I’d go bust – it’s that harsh.”

Gutsy Donna said she’s hoping to be handed a £10,000 grant being made available by the government to small businesses.

“That will be a big help and that cash will help keep me going until the end of June.

“I’ll cut back where ever I can and do what ever it takes to fight back,” she insisted.

“I’ve built up a superb local business – and it’s a huge passion as well as a livelihood.

“But fingers crossed we’ll come roaring back and Mrs Bee’s Kitchen will be well and truly buzzing again before you know it!”

If you would like to find out more about Mrs Bee’s Kitchen then click here: https://www.mrsbeeskitchen.co.uk