Three primary schools in Harborough get brand new laptops to help with homeschooling

It is certainly a welcome donation by the town’s Rotary Club in these tough times for pupils and school staff

Monday, 15th February 2021, 1:32 pm
Updated Monday, 15th February 2021, 1:34 pm
St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy: Back row: Rotarian Gordon Eherington, President Gillian Bindley, Head of school Karen McVea. Front row: James, Isla, Angelica.

Three primary schools in Market Harborough have each been handed two brand new laptops by the town’s Rotary Club to help pupils forced to learn at home amid the national Covid lockdown.

Market Harborough Church of England Academy, St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy and Little Bowden Primary School are delighted after being given the Acer devices.

George Norman, deputy head of school at the C of E Academy on Fairfield Road, said: “We are really very grateful for these laptops.

Little Bowden Primary School: Back row: Rotary President elect Darren Iliffe, Head Teacher Colin Miller, President Gillian Bindley, Rotarian Gordon Etherington. Front row: Maiya and Charlie.

“These will go out to children so they can all access the learning being offered by the school.”

Children from Year 6, Maria, Thais, Billy and Sean, received the computers from President Rotarian Gillian Bindley.

At St Joseph’s school on Coventry Road, James, Isla and Angelica from Year 4 said the laptops would come in brilliantly for homework, assembly and learning.

Head of school, Karen McVea, said: “Thank you very much to the Rotary Club.

Market Harborough Church of England Academy: Back row: Peter Arnold of Arkel, Rotary President elect Darren Iliffe, George Norman deputy head, Rotary President Gillian Bindley. Front row: Billy, Maria, Sean (standing), Thais

“They will go to children in families where there is real need for more than one device.”

Head of Little Bowden school on Scotland Road, Colin Miller, said “We are really pleased to get these.

“They will be used to help disadvantaged children with their remote learning.

“It is amazing the difference they will make, especially for families needing more than one device for online education at home.”

Pupils Maiya and Charlie received the computers on behalf of the school.

The laptops were bought from Arkel Computer Services, based on Granville Street, Market Harborough.

Arkel director, Peter Arnold, said: “Arkel has been supplying high-quality computer services to local schools and colleges for many years.

“We are delighted to support the Rotary Club in donating this equipment to primary age children.”

Arkel are also providing crucial after-sales support for the computers.

The money used to buy the devices was raised by the Rotarians from the club’s round-the-year fundraising – supercharged by special events such as the highly-successful SwiMarathon held last March.

The Rotary Club’s contribution of £1,010 was matched by a contribution of £1,000 from the Rotary District Foundation Fund.

Rotarian Gordon Etherington, who spearheaded the scheme, said: “Supporting education is currently one of Rotary’s worldwide targets and we are very pleased to be able to help in this way.”