Harborough science teacher takes her one-woman show online to help others during lockdown

Kerry Esgate-Green, 44, took the plunge last September when she quit full-time teaching in Market Harborough to launch her solo Super Scientist icebreaker

By Red Williams
Wednesday, 29th April 2020, 10:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th April 2020, 10:32 am
Kerry Esgate-Green
Kerry Esgate-Green

A science teacher has taken her one-woman show online in a bid to beat the coronavirus emergency.

Kerry Esgate-Green, 44, took the plunge last September when she quit full-time teaching in Market Harborough to launch her solo Super Scientist icebreaker.

The pioneering mum’s now having to quickly reinvent herself yet again as she was rapidly blown off track by Covid-19.

Trailblazer Kerry, of Cottingham, told the Harborough Mail: “I have had to re-adapt in double-quick time to deal with this crisis as it came totally out of the blue.

“I only gave up full-time science teaching in September 2019.

“So my business had only been running for five months when this pandemic struck.”

The super-enthusiastic mum-of-two added: “I had started running a whole host of after-school science clubs, science parties and tutoring.

“I hit the ground running and got off to a great start after so many years in teaching.

“But I obviously can’t do any of these any more due to the lockdown and I faced being unable to work.

“As a small self-employed business owner I needed to step up fast as I don’t qualify for anything from the government.”

So ultra-resourceful Kerry immediately put her thinking cap on and powered into an intriguing new future.

“Part of my science clubs involved making little take-home practical science kits to encourage kids to do more science at home.

“I’ve now pushed on and make these Pound Practicals full-time.

“They are brilliant little science packs that only cost £1 each and contain all the kit in them to carry out the practical activity.

“There is also a method card, go further activity and answers on the back,” said Kerry, who taught science at Harborough’s Robert Smyth School for 15 years after a successful spell at nearby Welland Park Academy.

“They have links to the national curriculum and are suitable for children all the way through from four (with supervision) to 16.

“And even adults tell me they are learning something from them so they must be good!

“I’m setting out to make science home-learning bags of fun but practical, educational, informative, affordable and accessible to all at the same time.

“There are 30 to choose from and I’m adding new ones all the time to make it even more exciting and more all-embracing.”

If you would like to order a practical pack you can contact Kerry at [email protected]

You can also find her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/kerry.esgategreen.9She’s on Twitter at @SuperScientist2 while her online shop is here: https://superscientists.fesh.store/“I am also delivering free practical and fun science lessons on my YouTube channel.

“I post them up every week day for half an hour with attached worksheets for youngsters aged from five to 16,” said Kerry.

“That’s four different free worksheets every day and a practical at home – with a bonus fun science video thrown in for free.

“So log on and dive with me into the brilliant, fascinating and ever wonderful world of science!”