New jobs to follow firm’s Harborough move

Some of the award-winning Utility Trade team
Some of the award-winning Utility Trade team

An award-winning utilities consultant is relocating to a new office in Market Harborough soon, and looking to increase staffing by more than 50 per cent.

Utility Trade will be moving into their new office in the town’s St Mary’s House (above Starbucks) within the next month.

Managing director Edward Allen said: “At the moment we employ 14 full-time staff and one part-time. We’ll be looking to bring in another eight to 10 people when we move to Market Harborough.”

Utility Trade, currently based in Kibworth Business Park, is a consultancy that goes into other firms and looks at how they manage their utilities, aiming to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Clients include schools, nursing homes and the National Trust as well as various companies from building supply merchants to hotels.

“We’re basically making sure the utilities side of their business is managed properly,” said Mr Allen.

Most companies are busy concentrating on their core business, and spend far less time than they should managing their energy consumption and utilities.

“We find a lot of businesses are inefficient when it comes to things like lighting and heating,” said Mr Allen. “That’s where we can help.”

Utility Trade turned over £1.5m last year, and is looking to turn over £2.2m this year.

The “energy consultation” part of their work is usually free, especially for smaller businesses. They make their money from selling and installing machinery to make the companies they have visited more efficient.

Their intervention can easily make a company 40 per cent more efficient, claimed Mr Allen, meaning the company can also, over a period of time, recoup the cost of the new equipment.

One Cambridgeshire school visited by Utility Trade recently, subsequently installed solar panels over two roofs. As a result, the school will save more than £4,500 a year on electricity bills alone.

Utility Trade won the small scale project award at the East Midlands Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards for their work installing solar panels on eight units at Vulcan Court business park in Leicester in 2015, in association with Leicester City Council.