Harborough counsellor will be running free online classes to support people during lockdown

Megan Dreyer, who runs a fast-growing mental health initiative in Market Harborough, is setting out to support as many struggling people as she can as the UK’s coronavirus lockdown stretches into its fourth week

By Red Williams
Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 8:58 am
Megan Dreyer
Megan Dreyer

A young woman who runs a fast-growing mental health initiative in Market Harborough is staging a free online class at 11am today (Wednesday).

Megan Dreyer, 24, is setting out to support as many struggling people as she can as the UK’s coronavirus lockdown stretches into its fourth week.

The dynamic town counsellor’s now hosting special cyberspace advice sessions in an attempt to back men, women and youngsters whose lives are being turned upside down.

Megan, of Ashley Way, Market Harborough, said: “The Covid-19 crisis is causing a lot of stress and worry.

“Unfortunately, it’s clearly impossible to hold our usual classes and one-to-ones at the moment.

“And this diffucult situation is going to continue for some time yet as the lockdown goes on.

“So we are using technology to reach out to as many people as possible, both in Harborough and beyond, and we’ll do our absolute best to help them.”

South African-born Megan said she launched her ‘live Weekly Wednesday wellbeing sessions’ last week on April 8.

“We had 119 men and women tune in to join us – including from as far away as Australia and Kuwait!

“They are completely free and suitable for all ages. “During the 15 minutes we share a few thoughts, go through an exercise, discuss healthy coping strategies and finish with a breathing exercise,” she said.

“Each week we will be looking at different aspects of life in lockdown and how this can affect our mental health.

“It’s a valuable time to focus, reset and recharge.

“It's a great chance to take just a quarter of an hour of the day for yourself and your family to focus on your mental health and wellbeing.

“This week we are looking at stress and resilience and anyone can join us at 11am using the link: https://youtu.be/kahA6dpaKZU“The live stream link will be different every week so individuals can follow us on social media (hashtagme.world) or subscribe to our YouTube channel (#Me) to keep up to date with our advice, support and news.”

Switched-on Megan graduated in international business from Loughborough University in June 2018.

“My dad Wouter is a psychologist and I’ve always been keen on psychology.

“I launched ‘#Me’ in December 2018.

“We connect up like-minded people and strive to improve self-awareness, promote a positive mindset and encourage healthy habits so you're better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs.

“We support students at Loughborough and Nottingham Trent as well as at least 100 people here in Harborough.

“We have hosted a whole range of 12-week courses over the last year for people finding life tough.

“We have recently started a new project called ‘Mums Matter’.

“It focuses specifically on connecting and supporting mothers, no matter what stage of life.

“During this unsettling time and we're all in self-isolation we want to stay connected, share ideas, improve our mindset and spread positivity.”

If you would like to discover more you’ll find all of Megan’s social media platforms and contacts here:

Website: www.hashtagme.worldYouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTMIQ4LUiGrIKFjbzoDz-bAFacebook and Instagram pages: hashtagme.world

Twitter page: hashtagme_world