Evidence of Roman farm at controversial Windy Ridge site

ROMAN remains discovered at the controversial Windy Ridge site in Harborough include pieces of pottery and the remains of a small farm or settlement, archaeologists have revealed.

A team working at Windy Ridge off Glebe Road have found ditches containing Roman pottery on the site of what they believe was once a farm or small settlement occupied between the first and fourth centuries.

The find was made on land on which Redrow Homes wants to build 141 homes.

There is existing outline permission for the development but the firm has recently submitted detailed plans for the site.

The Mail reported on May 10 how campaigners have been fighting the proposals over fears about toxic contamination at an old clay pit on the site.

Redrow commissioned Northamptonshire Archaeology, working under the management of CgMs Consulting, to carry out investigations as part of their detailed planning application.

The archaeologists, who began their work in March, will now submit a report to the council, which will take the find into consideration when deciding whether to grant planning permission.

The finds and archaeological records from the site will be passed to Leicestershire Museums Service.

Redrow said this week the finds were confined to the eastern edge of the development, on the top of the ridge

A spokesperson for CgMs said: “The current works are the second and final stage of archaeological investigations at the site and we are carefully recording the surviving archaeological remains.

“The archaeological remains identified within the site are made up of a series of in-filled ditches containing Roman pottery, which form the outer parts of a small settlement site or farmstead occupied in the Roman period.

“No evidence of individual buildings or other significant features has been found, and the majority of the settlement is thought to lie beyond the current development site.”