Campaign launched against rural over-development

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A local campaign group has helped launch a national petition against rural over-development that has attracted about 10,000 signatures in just a few days.

Local campaign group Hands Off Kibworth helped create the petition and is one of more than 50 groups from across the country who have joined to form a national alliance against over-development, called All 4 Better Development. 

A Hands Off Kibworth spokesman said the sheer number of planning applications around Kibworth and the wider Harborough District had inspired them to take action. They said: “Hundreds of people in Kibworth, Great Glen, Fleckney and Market Harborough have been fighting against planning applications and that Kibworth alone was seeing applications for hundreds more houses in a village that has already been overdeveloped, with a new estate of over 600 houses not even completed let alone had its impact absorbed.

“There is no money for new infrastructure and Harborough District Council appears powerless to stop the applications.”

The petition can be viewed at