Building a ‘new town’ is still the top option to accommodate thousands of new homes in the Harborough district

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Future house building in the Harborough district could be concentrated in a “new town” with the working title of Lutterworth East.

Officers will recommend the new settlement, separated from the present Lutterworth by the M1, as the best of four options being considered by the council.

The plan includes the carrot of a much-needed Lutterworth relief road.

The new road would take traffic from the A4304, crossing the M1, to the A426 to the north of the town.

It would be “paid for” with almost 2,000 homes to the east of Lutterworth by 2031, and more afterwards.

The recommendation will be presented to the Local Plan Advisory Panel for their consideration on Monday, September 19.

Officers will also recommend that a ‘reserve site’ is identified in the Local Plan to the north of Scraptoft.

The recommendation would mean that Market Harborough town’s expansion would slow in the years towards 2031. Kibworth could also be spared the most extensive development.

The four major development options that the council was considering for future expansion were:

* A concentration of development in Market Harborough.

* North-east of Kibworth Harcourt with provision of a relief road for Kibworth.

* East of Lutterworth with provision of a relief road for Lutterworth.

* North of Scraptoft, in the north of the Harborough district.

No final decisions will be made by the Local Plan Advisory Panel on Monday.

The preferred option, the inclusion of a ‘reserve site’ and a list of other smaller potential housing development sites, will be considered by Harborough District Council’s Executive Committee on October 10.


A draft version of the full Local Plan – incorporating the preferred option details – will then go to full council on December 12.

More than 700 people have signed a petition objecting to the proposed new town of Lutterworth East.

The petition, with the catchy title ‘Stop The Beast - Lutterworth East’ - claims the plan would:

* Bring 2,500 new homes to a greenfield area.

* Bring 4,000 more vehicles to local roads.

* Harm wildlife and areas of environmental importance.

* Eventually increase the population of Lutterworth by 60 per cent.

The petition is the work of a campaigning group called 
Lutterworth Now.

Organiser Phil Butler, who lives in the nearby village of Walcote, said: “This proposal was a shock to me, and we’re really just at the stage of saying ‘did you know about this?’

“If it goes ahead, it’s going to bring a big change to the lives of thousands of local people for ever,

“There will also be years of disruption as Lutterworth East is built.

“Change is inevitable, but you would hope it would be gradual.

“I can’t help thinking this is just the most simple solution to a very complex housing problem in Harborough.”