Builders appeal against council’s decision to refuse housing estate

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Developers have appealed against a Harborough District Council planning decision to refuse permission for a big new estate in Lutterworth.

The council had said “no” in May to a plan for the 250-home estate off Coventry Road, to the west of the town.

Councillors had agreed with an officer recommendation to refuse the scheme because of its size, siting and visual prominence.

Case officer Louise Finch said the proposed estate would “result in a significant erosion of the gap between Lutterworth and Magna Park at one of its narrowest points”.

She said that the development would also have a “significant adverse impact” on the use and enjoyment of the public footpaths on the site.

Her report concluded that the harm to the area was not outweighed by the shortage of housing land in the Harborough district.

But builders Mulberry Property Developments Ltd. had argued that the large estate would make a significant contribution to the district council’s demanding five year housing supply target.

Now Mulberry has 
appealed against the council’s decision.

They will argue that the council can not demonstrate a sufficient supply of deliverable housing land.

They will say that their proposed estate is a sustainable development.

And they will argue that the visua impact of their development has been overstated by the Council.

The appeal is likely to be decided by means of a Planning Inquiry.

The date and venue of the Inquiry has not been announced yet.