We fully support our dismissed councillor in homes row

COUNCILLOR Rook has seen fit to dismiss our representative on Harborough District Council from the position of deputy leader.

This appears to be on the grounds that Councillor Pain continues to represent our views, regarded as irrelevant ward matters within Harborough District Council.

We would like to ask Councillor Rook whether this was his opinion when his own ward was under threat from development and what his approach will be if the controversial extra 800 houses drift towards Tilton.

He seems to have put himself in the rather awkward position of having to resign if any major development that he opposes is planned in his ward.

At a meeting we had with him about Airfield Farm we asked what type of housing he envisaged being there, given that it would be surrounded by a highways depot, a high security prison and 24/7 heavy industry. His lack of knowledge and interest were clearly demonstrated by his response – that he didn’t know heavy industry was permitted there.

Dismissal of our elected councillor shows his contempt for both democracy and the massive problems we, in Foxton, Great Bowden and Lubenham, will experience should the development go ahead.

Our opinion is that Councillor Pain is to be admired for putting the interests of those who elected him ahead of his own career.

This is called integrity.

Margaret Wright

Chairman of Foxton
Parish Council

On behalf of
the parish council