Tabitha’s Tales: introduction to one of our new columnists

Mail columnist Tabitha Prince
Mail columnist Tabitha Prince

As a child my mother always told me that first impressions count, and with this in mind I have been given a few- words to do just that!

From the very exciting title, you know I am female and my name is Tabitha. A name given to me by my fantastic but incredibly flamboyant mother. I have grown into my name, maybe in a slightly honest, sarcastic and dry way.

I own a business and flat in Harborough both are my pride and joy.

In my life time I’ve lost 12 stone of weight, jumped out of a plane, won the Harborough Carnival float, walked 26.2 miles in my bra through London at midnight and won £100k on Deal or No Deal.

Oh yes, and this year I am getting married…well in 11 weeks in fact.

This scares me! In this column I will share the tales of a 30-something business owner who is going through the recession trying to pay bills, have a busy social life, and plan a wedding! Oh and of course manage her is important that you know, I do speak my mind and I love Harborough!