My heartwarming 'fox in the city' experience

HAVING just spent at week at my daughter's home in South London, I wanted to share the experience I had of being close to urban foxes with the misguided souls who support the local hunts that carry on the charade of "we don't kill foxes any more".

To observe and feed them in her garden and to see how healthy they were along with three cats who share the same area was heartwarming.

The foxes travel the streets on the pavements, carefully avoiding residents, living in a fenced area bothered by no-one, keeping the rats under control and clearing up fast-food mess left by the night-time crowd.

Think of animals that have been persecuted in the past; otters, badgers, hares, moles and hedgehogs, endangered species now, the whale, the list goes on. Man’s cruelty needs to be consigned to the past.

Mrs M Falkner,

Mowsley Lane,