Inconsiderate dog owners make it dangerous for children

WANTED : Responsible dog owners!

Here, here to Mr Windsor’s letter of October 11 (‘Responsible dog owners want others to control their animals’).

I cannot believe that in 2012 we are still having to have these conversations!

I enjoy seeing dogs out with their respective owners at all hours exercising their dogs responsibly. However there are far too many that just seem to think it is their right to allow their dogs to foul the walk-ways around the new Farndon Fields estate, although not unique in Harborough as I know other estates suffer the same fate.

I find it absolutely amazing that knowing what harm the mess can do to young children (toxocariasis) that right next to the new play area we came across within 50 yards at least ten examples of dogs being allowed to do their business.

It’s a play area for goodness sake.

Come on people you know the law and you took on the responsibility of having a dog in the first place. Do your duty to the younger generation, bag it and drop it in your bin.

Please do not allow this to get out of hand. There are some really conscientious dog owners who comply with the law and a handful of inconsiderate people making these places dangerous for our kids to play in.

Neill Bolderston,

Farndon Fields,