Common sense is needed at the council’s offices

May I suggest, in reply to Cllr Rook (Harborough Mail, December 6), that it is not a question of “swimming against the tide” as he says, but more about the council having a coherent plan and him being cognicent of the views of people who live within the district. This attitude of “I know best” and taking little or no notice of what the electorate thinks or says is pretty appalling and a shabby way to treat folk.

I appreciate the fact that we cannot stand still, as he puts it, but that is no excuse for taking no notice of what local people say. Yes, I know he can hide behind Government policy but that does notnecessarily mean that they are right. There are far too many boffins ensconced in their ivory towers making decisions which have far reaching effects on the local population which they are blissfully unaware of. Common sense seems to be in short supply at the council offices and a readiness to rollover and accept what is handed down all to prevalent.

This is something that Cllr Rook would do well to address.

David Hankey

High Street

Great Easton