Carers asked to complete survey

MANY of your readers will no doubt have heard talk of the “sandwich generation” who are sandwiched between caring roles - juggling raising children with looking after elderly relatives. It’s a neat label, but one which hides an increasingly common but often difficult to manage situation.

Everyone wants to do their best for their children and to support the parents who brought them into the world, but meeting all the demands of a dual caring role can, however, be very difficult, physically hard and emotionally draining.

Carers UK is conducting a major new piece of research to better understand the extra pressure these multiple caring responsibilities have on families.

It is a short survey that can be completed in about 15 minutes but the information provided will be vital in trying to improve the help and support we can give those who find themselves “sandwich carers”. So if you are caring for young children and older parents, tell us how it has affected you:

The survey can be found at

Thank you

Heléna Herklots

Chief Executive,

Carers UK.