Video: Newly integrated Harborough Museum and library

The newly integrated library and museum opened to the public for the first time on Tuesday.

This video shows what the library and museum now looks like and gives people the chance to get a look at what is inside The Symington Building.

The new-look Harborough Library. (MAIL PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER)

The new-look Harborough Library. (MAIL PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER)

Richard Blunt, Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet member for museums and libraries, said: “There’s been a completely fresh take on showcasing the collections with more than twice as many objects now on display.

“It is a wonderful space in which to showcase collections which have national and international importance.

“In the library, we also want to encourage children’s reading as well as supporting well-being for the local community which emphasises the changing roles of today’s libraries.

“We want to inspire, support and encourage learning for everyone of all ages and abilities.”