Vandals attack Kibworth skate park

The vandalism at Kibworth skate park
The vandalism at Kibworth skate park

Vandals caused thousands of pounds of damage to a village skate park when they attacked it with makeshift tools.

Police are investigating the attack on the skate park in Kibworth, which is a popular place for young people in the village to meet.

Kibworth Parish Council’s Joint Recreation Committee, which oversees the skate park, believes the attacks had been planned out as it appears broken paving slabs were taken to the park and then used as pickaxes.

Large holes have been hacked into one of the ramps and a litter bin was set on fire.

It is estimated that the repairs will cost thousands of pounds and it might take some time to repair the skate park equipment as a replacement ramp has to be ordered, cut to size, delivered to the site and installed.

Children’s bicycles found at the park also look like they were used as pickaxes by the vandals to cause further damage the skate ramp.

A large tree trunk was dragged from a nearby hedge and placed across a litter bin and then set alight.

Although the recreation committee has been able to take action to make the site safe by putting up warning signs and fencing off the damaged ramp, within 24 hours the signs and fencing were ripped out and set on fire.

A chain used to gate off the site was cut into pieces.

Police officers are investigating the vandalism attacks and Kibworth area schools and youth leaders have been speaking to children in the village about the dangers of vandalism.

Anyone with information is urged to call Leicestershire police on 101.