UFO was probably a Chinese lantern

A CHINESE lantern seems to be the most likely culprit behind last week's UFO video mystery.

Harborough singer Robin Maughan shot footage of a mysterious object in the sky above Western Avenue park in Harborough on Monday last week.

The video is on our website www.harboroughmail.co.uk and the story appeared in last week’s Mail, prompting half-a-dozen calls to the office by readers who had also seen the unidentified flying object.

However, as with previous sightings reported to the Mail in 2007 and earlier this year, it appears that a simple Chinese lantern is probably behind the mystery.

Michael Williams said he saw two people setting off a lantern near his home in Farndon Road shortly before Mr Maughan shot his video at about 10pm.

Barry Loakes, of Barnard Gardens, phoned the Mail to say he got a look at the object through binoculars and thought it looked like a Chinese lantern.

The three-foot tall lanterns work like small hot air balloons with a wick providing heat to get them airborne.

Six lanterns set off during a birthday bash at a home in Lubenham Hill, Harborough, in February 2007 caused a UFO stir and the same thing happened earlier this year after one was set off from a home in Kettering Road.

However, Trevor Jones saw the latest UFO while he was walking his dog in the park and disagrees with the lantern theory.

Mr Jones, of Morris Road, described the object as looking like a jellyfish and said he saw a similar-shaped object above the park about a month before.

An alternative theory was put forward by Maddy Ward, who saw the video and thought it looked like the International Space Station crossing the sky.

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