Slimmers launch new groups in area to pass on their weightloss knowledge

Two new Slimming World groups are opening in the Harborough district
Two new Slimming World groups are opening in the Harborough district
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Two new Slimming World groups are being launched in the district, in Harborough and Kibworth.

First-time mum Sharon Wright (pictured, top) is setting up a new class in Harborough because she wants to share her knowledge of how she lost three-and-a-half stone in six months.

Sharon Wright is opening a new Slimming World class at Harborough's Catholic Church Hall.

Sharon Wright is opening a new Slimming World class at Harborough's Catholic Church Hall.

Meanwhile, Olivia Truman (pictured, bottom) is setting up a new class at Kibworth Bowling Club.

*First-time mum Sharon shed the pounds after attending a Slimming World group in Fairfield Road, Harborough.

After feeling incredibly anxious about going to a meeting,the 42-year-old’s mind soon changed as she got to grips with what she needed to do.

She said: “I felt that my choice was either to go to the doctors for medication, or to join Slimming World.

Olivia Truman is to open a new Slimming Word group in Kibworth

Olivia Truman is to open a new Slimming Word group in Kibworth

“Even outside, everyone was so welcoming – a member asked me if I was OK and needed any help, and this was enough to spur me to get out of the car.

“Everyone made me feel like I was meant to be there and even taking my 15-month-old baby didn’t faze anyone in group.”

Within a matter of months, Sharon began to smash her own mini-targets she had set for herself to reach her pre-baby weight. Soon she found it so easy that she lost a further one-and-a-half stone to reach her second target, she explained to the Mail.

Sharon added: “All of the family enjoy Slimming World meals, so there is no need to cook separate food just for me.

“My two-year-old eats everything we eat and I know that it is super-healthy for him too.

“I love Chinese takeaways which I can still have whilst food optimising, but I have also re-discovered my passion for cooking.”

Although there has been the occasional small gain through her weightloss journey, the most important thing for Sharon is to never miss Slimming World’s ‘image therapy’ technique each week. “It’s the most important part of my week. The support and advice I get, even as a target member, is amazing. I know that reaching my target has been down to staying to group after I have been weighed.”

Losing the weight has not only had an impact on the way Sharon feels about herself, but also on her health.

She said: “I am now free from my asthma medication which I developed whilst pregnant, and I can run around after my very active two-year-old and know that I won’t be the overweight mum at the nursery gates.

“I feel like I am now in control of my own destiny.”

Now as a target member, Sharon feels she wants to share her experiences and knowledge with others who struggle with their weight.

Sharon is starting her own Slimming World group on Wednesdays from 5.30pm and 7.30pm at the Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church Community Hall, in Fairfield Road, with the opening night on July 30.

For more information, visit

*Kibworth Bowling club is set to become a new venue for weight-loss wizards Slimming World later this month.

Opening on Tuesday, July 29, at the club in Fleckney Road, members will be welcomed by consultant Olivia Truman who knows herself how life-changing losing weight can be.

She said: “I joined Slimming World as a member seven years ago and have lost nearly eight stone.

“It has totally changed my life, and I feel very passionate about spreading the word and helping others to reach their dream weight just like me.”

Slimming World prides itself on food-optimising, allowing members to be in control of what they eat while helping them reach their target.

Now in it’s 45th year, there are more than 10,000 groups held weekly nationwide.

Olivia already runs a successful Slimming World group in South Wigston where she supports more than 100 members every week, who have lost a combined 100 stone in the last two months.

She said “I knew I wanted to bring Slimming World to Kibworth. I am so excited about launching this brand-new group at the bowling club, helping local slimmers to improve their health and eat great food without feeling hungry.

“I am living proof that it works.” 

 Slimming World sessions at Kibworth Bowling Club will be on Tuesdays at 9.30am.

For more information, call Olivia on 0779 200 7572 or email

Story by Nicole Douglas.

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