School crossing sign is re-instated

Cllr Sarah Hill, Cllr Barbara Johnson and Cllr Phil Knowles at the site of the crossing sign
Cllr Sarah Hill, Cllr Barbara Johnson and Cllr Phil Knowles at the site of the crossing sign

A children crossing road sign which was left lying on a roadside for more than a month has finally been re-instated.

Harborough district councillors Phil Knowles, Barbara Johnson and Sarah Hill had been doing their best to get the sign, located near the Roman Way play area, upright again.

The Lib Dem councillors alerted Leicestershire County Council to the situation several times, but to no avail and they say it was lying there out of use for about six weeks.

Cllr Johnson said: “Our first request for this to be put back was well over a month ago.

“Not only have the requests not been acted on, but the county council officers did not even bother to reply to our phone calls.

“This was a hazard to pedestrians and also makes crossing the road less safe and it needed to be reinstated urgently before an accident happened.”

The sign serves to alert drivers in this busy area to be aware that adults and children cross Roman Way at this point to reach the nearby play area.

The ward councillors were actively involved in consultation with people in the area with helping to choose additional play equipment for the play area and say they had real concerns about the safety of those crossing the road.

Cllr Johnson said she had been contacted by several residents in the area that were concerned about safety and who were disgusted that the sign had been lying there for such a long time.

However, when the Mail took up the issue on Tuesday, County Hall responded almost immediately to say it had now been sorted.

A spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said: “We can confirm that a new foundation was installed today and that the sign is now back in position.”

Cllr Johnson said: “It is a pity it took so much effort to get the job done and I would hope it takes less time to get something like this done in the future.”

She also raised concerns about the fact it was lying on the pavement and people could have tripped over it.