Poster pilferer has now gone to ground

The phantom poster pilferer who was hampering the charitable efforts of a village pre- school appears to have halted their campaign of sabotage.

Supporters of Welford Pre School contacted The Mail last month to see if the culprit could be brought to account for their actions.

Although the identity of the person – who the mums have dubbed the phantom poster pilferer – is still unknown, the pre-school’s supporters have reported that since The Mail’s article there has been no more poster-pinching.

Pre-school committee vice-chairman Lucy Parsons said: “We think this is because of a combination of the media coverage, the fact that we just kept replacing the posters, and night-time patrols around the village by committee members and staff.

“We really hope that we have shown that we will not be beaten and we have put a stop to it for good – but time will tell.

“We are planning more fundraising events for later in the summer so I suppose we will find out then.”

The removal of posters has been going on for four years. Every time the committee put a poster up to advertise a charity event they would later find they had been taken down.

The pre-school, which is a registered charity, is reliant on the success of its fundraising activities to break-even.

Since the poster pilferer has gone to ground, the committee has held two successful and well-attended events.

A cut-a-thon by village mobile hairdresser Lisa Astill raised £115 on March 1 and a murder mystery night with Welford Amateur Dramatics Society on March 8 raised £665.