Editor’s weekly column: Hoping for more of the same in 2014

Neil Pickford is the editor of the Harborough Mail

Neil Pickford is the editor of the Harborough Mail


More often than not, people who will be directly affected by a planning application and object to proposals are disappointed when councillors meet to make decisions on such plans.

Despite central Government instructions and a quoted desire to give the people of this country more say in what gets approved and what gets thrown out, often the wishes of the many are ignored in favour of the few. Not so on Tuesday night when councillors gave protestors an early Christmas present by throwing out plans to build a crematorium near Great Glen.

Delight for village campaigners as Great Glen crematorium plans are thrown out.

The scheme put forward by The Co-operative Group has attracted widespread opposition and there was standing room only for the meeting at The Three Swans Hotel in Harborough.

Councillors who listened to the concerns and acted accordingly should be applauded.
Let’s hope we see more of the same in 2014.

Well done Sam!

Sam Bailey deserves all the credit she is getting for her fantastic victory in the X Factor final at the weekend.

X factor dream comes true for singer Sam.

The Gartree Prison officer, who will be officially handing in her notice soon, has been a credit to herself and her family.

Her journey from wannabe through to winner has been a joy to behold and everyone at the Mail wishes her well for the future.

Column by Neil Pickford.

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