Ombudsman inspector’s talk at Civic Society meet

A COMPLAINTS investigator from the Local Government Ombudsman spoke at the November meeting of the Market Harborough Civic Society.

Steve Turner, who works in Coventry, explained how the service receives complsaints from individuals who are seeking a fair judgement, as a last resort and also by an independent person.

This will be because they feel a council or authority has incorrectly handled a service or the way they have come ot a decision.

The investigator takes evidence from both sides before looking to find a fairer solution.

Then if he thinks there is enough evidence of mal-administration and that they can do better he will write to them on behalf of the ombudsman, who has the status of a High Court Judge, instructing them to rectify the situation and apologise.

This will also include allowing for any hardship that the person complaining has endured as a consequence of their actions.

4 The next meeting of the Civic Society is on Wednesday, January 23 at the Roman Way Community Centre in Harborough.

It starts at 7.30pm.