Richard recalls UFO moment

THE photographer who captured last week's amazing UFO shot has spoken to the Mail.

Richard Phillips caught the object on camera while taking photographs of a freight train as it passed through Great Bowden.

Initially reluctant to send the picture to the Mail, he was eventually persuaded to do so by a friend on the understanding that he remained anonymous.

However, after we published the picture on our front page last week, Mr Phillips agreed to speak to us about the shot.

The 38-year-old, who works as a senior architectural technologist, said: "I'd taken a few pictures of the train as it approached me and got a few more as it went past. It was only when I downloaded the pictures afterwards that I noticed it (the UFO]. I didn't do anything with it at first. But a few weeks later I saw the stories in the Mail with people saying they'd seen something.

"Then my friend brought it up again around Christmas time and I agreed he could send it to the Mail."

Several people have contacted the Mail with their theories as to what the object was since we ran the picture last week, with suggestions including a bird caught in flight, a hang glider, a type of microlight aircraft known as an ultra light trike, and even the Vulcan bomber based at Bruntingthorpe.

The story has also been picked up by a number of UFO forums, with enthusiasts saying they think the photo is one of the better examples to come out of the UK in recent months.

Mr Phillips, who lives in Kettering, said: "When I showed a few people at the time we couldn't really work out what it was. I don't think it looks like a bird.

"It definitely wasn't the Vulcan – if it had been that I would have heard it. It might be a hang glider but I've got other photos taken just before and after and there's nothing on them. If I'd noticed it at the time I took the picture I'd probably tell you a bit more about what it was. It's a mystery."

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