NostrAdamus & Jones: What property market holds for 2014

Paul Adams is a director of Adams & Jones estate agents in Market Harborough
Paul Adams is a director of Adams & Jones estate agents in Market Harborough

NostrAdamus & Jones – so here we are again at the beginning of another year looking for answers to all those usual post-festive season questions.

Will we ever get to watch the telly again after the kids have commandeered it with their new video games?

Did I get through the office Christmas party without doing anything too embarrassing?

Which array of miracle diets should I choose to get rid of that excess half a stone?

And, in our business, what will the market have in store for us?

It was suggested that, for this article, I should provide some Nostradamus-style predictions for 2014.

I do, however, generally try to avoid foreseeing the future as there always tends to be someone around to remind you at the end of the year that you got it wrong.

In saying that, I think I can safely say that, as far as Market Harborough is concerned, demand for good-quality housing will remain high resulting in house price increases of between six per cent and 10 per cent by the end of the year.

The only major concern is the lack of supply of affordable property for the volume of first-time buyers wishing to buy locally.

One absolute certainty is that, as property becomes easier to sell, the service expectations of our clients will, quite understandably, increase.

Competition between estate agents will be fiercer than ever but the discerning seller will not be seduced by a constant barrage of letters with shallow promises of waiting buyers.

It will not be enough for us to just find a house-buyer; we should also be able to provide evidence that we have marketed the property to the widest possible audience for a sufficient period of time, ensuring that we have achieved the best possible price.

We should also be able to professionally progress the sale through to completion through constant communication with our conveyancing associates.

At Adams & Jones in Market Harborough we have given a great deal of thought and planning to how we can provide the best possible marketing and service through 2014.

In particular, look out for the launch of our new online television channel at where buyers will be able to follow a link on Rightmove to a professionally-produced vidette of each property they are interested in.

So, are we all going to be a little more wealthy this time next year?

Maybe, but if we are, it will no doubt be spent on all that over-indulgence that we are regretting now!

Paul Adams is a director of Adams & Jones at 9 St Mary’s Road in Market Harborough.

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