More success brewing at innovation centre

Harborough Innovation Centre
Harborough Innovation Centre

More than 200 coffees are being prepared, 20 varieties of homemade cake baked and 30 cows milked each week as a local couple sets out to ensure their new Harborough Innovation Centre based business is everyone’s cup of tea.

Husband and wife Kevin and Debbie Gibson moved their catering business to the Harborough Innovation Centre at the start of 2014, after successfully securing a contract to provide these services.

The centre is owned by Harborough District Council and is home to a growing community of businesses from designers and employment specialists to administrators and agronomists.

The couple, who have been serving Market Harborough with sandwiches for over six years from a shop in St Mary’s Road, are now watching their business thrive as they feed and network with the army of office staff who work in and around the centre.

Kevin said: “We sold the sandwich shop and opened the Caffe Carrara coffee bar in the innovation centre’s main reception on January 14.

“It was the right time for us to look at something new. We were already doing the centre’s conference buffets and we saw the opportunity of running a coffee bar for people visiting clients, as well as the people already working there.

“It was something that the innovation centre didn’t have and something that, with our 30 years of experience, we knew we could provide.”

Kevin added: “We’re listening to the feedback and trying to figure out what customers want, and at what time of day.”

Harborough Innovation Centre assistant centre manager Liza Menzies said the coffee bar enhanced the facilities that employers and their staff already share.

She added: “Caffe Carrara is the only place around here providing hot food and sandwiches so people working in the adjacent units on this site are using it too. We are really pleased to be able to support another early stage business.”