Market Thoughts:

Kameron Hutchinson is residential manager at Cooper Estates
Kameron Hutchinson is residential manager at Cooper Estates

Wakey, wakey Market Harborough! With the snow finally on its way back to colder climes, our town is beginning to get back on its feet and more importantly we estate agents can carry on doing what we do best.

However, in comparison to previous years the snow has had quite a positive effect on business for the beginning of 2013.

We have agreed 16 sales so far for January and as we move towards the end of the month I am pleased to say that activity levels are on the up. We all need a bit of good news every once in a while and whilst the media continue to play devil’s advocate regarding house prices it’s promising to see an upturn in business rather than a downturn.

Recently I attended a valuation where the client was disappointed in a rival agent to say the least. I admit, the weather conditions have been tricky to navigate and living outside of the town has made it quite difficult for me to get into work over the past few days. However Cooper Estates has remained open through the bad weather, ensuring that we make it to appointments on time and deliver a first-class service. The same could not be said for the rival agent who unfortunately did not gain the business because the weather was ‘so terrible.’ This highlights a common theme that runs through estate agency and the perception people have of us as business people – that often, estate agents expect the business to fall into their laps.

I will continue to buck that trend and make sure that each and every day both myself and my team are pro-active and efficient in dealing with the needs of Market

Harborough and its associated property needs.

Whilst the weather continues to be a pain (for most) I’d like to salute our great town and its residents for keeping the gas on, powering through the snow and ice, reaching viewings and valuations despite the inclement weather conditions and making sure the start of my 2013 has been a positive one!