Video: Otter seen hunting in River Welland

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An otter can be seen hunting in the River Welland in Harborough town centre in this video submitted to the Mail by a reader.

Ailsa Attenborough took the footage - available to view in the player above - from the Northampton Road bridge on Saturday.

She told the Mail: “I was just walking through St Mary’s place and I saw other people looking at the river. The otter was actively hunting and there were a few people watching.

“After a while it disappeared from view under the bridge and people moved on. But I went up to the bridge to try and see it and that’s when I got the video.”

The video follows this one: apparently showing two otters fighting in the river near Lidl

The Mail also got this footage of two otters scampering around on ice - also near the Northampton Road bridge - in January 2012.

Darren Grist also sent the Mail photographs of the otter taken from St Mary’s Place (see one inset)




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