Video: Blood transfusion saved Musashis the meerkat

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A meerkat underwent a life saving operation which involved a blood transfusion from a fellow meerkat.

Musashis the meerkat could well be the first meerkat to have ever undergone a successful transfusion and he is now back home recovering at the Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary near Braybrooke, as this video sent to us by vet Nathalie Wissink-Argilaga shows.

He was given the transfusion at The Scott Veterinary Clinic in Bedford after he became ill and started losing blood.

Although the transfusion was a costly procedure his owner Adam Tones said he did not hesitate to give his consent to the operation.

Musashis is now doing well and seems to be recovering from the operation which took place two weeks ago.

Mr Tones said that the staff at the clinic did a remarkable job of looking after the meerkat.




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