Tank battles in the Harborough district

Tank paintballing at Armourgeddon in Husbands Bosworth.

Tank paintballing at Armourgeddon in Husbands Bosworth.

Armourgeddon on the outskirts of Husbands Bosworth in the Harborough district is like a sweet-shop for grown ups.

What better than to spend the day playing with guns, tanks and cannons in the mud?

The site was born in 2004 when the first FV432 tanks rolled into Southfields Farm to be converted into turreted paintball cannons on tracks.

There are now 15 operational FV432s, which are put through their paces at the farm.

The options are wide and varied at Armourgeddon but the favoured activity is a tank paintball battle and Armourgeddon is believed to be the only place in the world that this activity takes place.

When you arrive at Armourgeddon, you will be dressed in a tank suit or NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suit and shown to your FV432.

Once inside, your crew of three will take it in turns to learn to drive the tank using the original controls, firstly with the driver’s hatch open and once you have mastered the controls, in battle conditions with the hatch closed and just the view through the periscope to guide you.

Next up is target practice. Focused on stationary tanks in the middle of the track, you and your crew will take it in turns to charge and load, aim and fire the giant paintballs that are deployed for tank paintball.

Three targets at various distances and heights are used for sighting and aiming practice.

Next comes decision time. As you are about to head into battle, you must choose which of your three crew members will drive, who will charge and load and who will aim and fire.

Dressed, trained and ready, it’s time to pick a fight with another tank and commence battle.

Drive, hide, charge, load, aim, shoot, drive. Twelve shots each are taken across six shooting positions – most hits on the opposition’s tank wins bragging rights back at base.

Once back and having left your tank, there is a museum on site filled with military vehicles including the Opal Olympia used in the blockbuster Hollywood hit Saving Private Ryan, a Sherman tank and a Bell 47, one of the oldest helicopters in the UK and the original reason for the nickname ‘chopper’ to be given to helicopters.

There is also memorabilia from wars spanning back to the First World War, photographs, ration books, journals and uniforms collected over the past decade and presented in an interactive setting.

Passengers are welcome in the tanks too and the museum is open most days of the year.

For more information, weekly competitions and giveaways visit the Armourgeddon website at www.armourgeddon.co.uk, its Facebook page www.facebook.com/ArmourgeddonTankPaintballBattles or call 01858 880239.

There are also gift experience days available for father’s day from £55, and vouchers are available valid until the end of the season in October.




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