Pupils taught safety during tour of homes development

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Schoolchildren from Farndon Fields Primary School in Harborough enjoyed a lesson in site safety after a visit to a homes development.

A dozen pupils and their head teacher took part in the educational tour of David Wilson Homes East Midlands’ Farndon Fields development.

The youngsters, who were aged between nine and 11, got an insight into the house building process as a whole and were shown how new homes at the development were constructed.

Darren Langton, Construction Director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said: “A lot of our developments are located near schools because we are very family orientated, so we regularly carry out site safety visits such as these because the safety of children living nearby is of utmost importance to us.

“Children might see a building site as a fun and exciting playground, but that is certainly not the case. These visits are a good way to teach them all about the dangers of playing on building sites, whilst promoting the importance of staying safe at all times.”

The children were given their own child-sized David Wilson Homes high-viz waist coats and hard hats to wear to ensure their safety while onsite, and were monitored at all times by experienced construction manager Ivan Towson.

Steve Snelson, head teacher at Farndon Fields Primary School, said: “The children enjoyed their tour and it was a very valuable learning experience, especially as they were given the chance to look around and witness a working building site first-hand.

“I’d like to thank David Wilson Homes East Midlands for inviting the school to take part. I hope the children will remember what they have learnt if they are ever playing near working building sites.”




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