Monkey business aids conservation learning

Monkey Sanctuary: Desborough: Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary, Adam Tones and male Coatimundi called Scratt

Monkey Sanctuary: Desborough: Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary, Adam Tones and male Coatimundi called Scratt

A Desborough man’s plan to open an animal education centre is nearing completion.

Adam Tones has been busy preparing a site at Woodmeadow Garden Centre near Hannington, off the A43, which he is aiming to open as the Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary in the near future.

Mr Tones owns a number of tamarind and marmoset monkeys, as well as South American coatimundis, a skunk and a meerkat.

He wants to open the centre to the public and for school educational projects.

Mr Tones said: “We want to open the centre to the public mainly for education and so that people can get to see some amazing animals up close.

“We want people to learn what these animals go through and how they are treated in the wild.

“At the same time, we want to educate people on their wellbeing.

“Hopefully, if they come along, they will be there for the next generation.

“If people see them up close and interact with them, I do think that you end up getting a bond straight away and then people will maybe see them as more than an object, not something that is just for eating or wearing.”

His sanctuary took in more animals last year.

He now has a cotton top tamarin, which Mr Tones said is a really pretty animal.

At the same time he acquired a young cotton top which he says is of breeding age.

The acquisition is of real importance to the sanctuary as there are only 1,000 of these animals left in the world.

He is now looking for further volunteers to help at the centre.

It is hoped volunteers would be available to help build enclosures for the animals at the Woodmeadow site.

Mr Tones is also hoping people will sign-up to help them fundraise by organising charitable events and fundraisers.

In the past the sanctuary has held fundraisers with celebrities to help raise funds.

He said: “We desperately need volunteers to help us to fundraise and to build the enclosures at the centre.”

The Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary often takes some of its animals, such as its baby meerkat, out for visits to the community to help bolster the fundraising pot.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities at the centre. email Mr Tones at northantsmonkeysanctuary

Alternatively, people can search for the centre on Facebook by searching for ‘Northants Monkey Sanctuary’.

The Facebook site is updated regularly with news about the centre and pictures of the animals.




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