Gift of wheelchair has aided student Richard

Richard Vickers with his new wheelchair, presented to him from Lutterworth Town Estates

Richard Vickers with his new wheelchair, presented to him from Lutterworth Town Estates


A teenager with cerebral palsy has been given a boost by the gift of an electric wheelchair from a charitable organisation in Lutterworth.

Richard Vickers (19), of Rye Hill Avenue in the town, has been given the donation by the Lutterworth Town Estates organisation.

The charity allows people from the community to apply for grants from the income it receives from its commercial and residential property portfolio.

Richard told the Mail the wheelchair will make a big difference to his life.

He said: “Having lived with this all my life, I had family and friends that asked around about grants.

“When I found out that I had got it I was really pleased.

“It meant I wouldn’t have to pay for it and it would make life easier for me.

“It means I can get around more independently and more easily than before, and I can be more active.”

Richard is studying forensic science at Leicester’s De Montfort University and says it will make a positive change for his academic studies.

He added: “My family and friends are all really pleased for me and they’re all really impressed with it.”

The estates charity was set up in the 19th Century following the 1834 Poor Laws, when charity commissioners brought in schemes established under law.

The charity was set up for the general benefit of people in the Lutterworth community.

Applications for grants can only be made for the “relief of people” or organisations who are in “conditions of need, hardship or distress”.

It helps people and organisations who cannot get help elsewhere.

Cllr Geraldine Robinson, the chairman of charity and a district and town councillor, said: “Richard’s nan and grandad came in on to see us on the Tuesday and we had the cheque ready for them by the Thursday.”

Cllr Robinson said the family went out and bought the £2,500 wheelchair for Richard straight away as there was one that he had his eye on.

Grant application forms are available from the Town Estates office, based at 12 Market Street in Lutterworth.

The office is open between 9am until midday on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Forms are also available online.




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