Flooding strikes again

Braybrooke, River Jordan flooding roads.

Braybrooke, River Jordan flooding roads. 20/12/12

HEAVY rainfall has been causing flooding and disruption across Harborough.

Steady and prolongued rainfall during Wednesday and Thursday left the rivers Welland and Jordan swollen.

The Environment Agency issued a flood alert at 7:05am on Thursday morning for the Welland Valley and the River Jordan from Braybrooke to Stamford, including Market Harborough, Welham and Harringworth.

Motorists were also warned to check their routes before travelling over the weekend.

John Curtin, head of incident management at the Environment Agency, said: “Our teams are out around the clock to minimise the risks and prepare for flooding, clearing drainage channels and ensuring that flood defences are working properly.”

The rains came just a month after the last floods to hit Harborough.

On that occasion more than 40 cars parked in a carp park opposite Harborough train station were swamped by muddy flood water after the River Jordan rose.

It caused anger among commuters who had parked their cars there, with people returning to their vehicles off the train to find them standing in three-feet of water.

The car park flooded again on Thursday, but commuters had learnt their lesson this time and no vehicles were affected.

Flooding was reported in Braybrooke Road as well as in Stonton Wyville and Cranoe.




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