Alison’s Angle column: Looking forward to Arts Fresco time!

Alison B Allen is a regular columnist for the Harborough Mail

Alison B Allen is a regular columnist for the Harborough Mail

It’s nearly Arts Fresco time (this year taking place on Sunday, September 14)!

It used to be a wonderful, packed, free-for-all; a chance to see some of the best street performers in our small town.

Then the cuts showed and the fewer local-based performers seemed to disappear

I went down a few years ago and the parade was a mechanical elephant and a few bored looking volunteers.

A couple of years ago it was also moved to Welland Park and was better in that the performers were gathered and there seemed to be more professional street performers. The problem – it wasn’t on the streets.

This year they are back in the streets (the closing of the roads took some of the atmosphere, for me, and moving to a Sunday when most shops were closed).

However, I am hopeful that several of the earlier Euro performers including the wonderful dinosaurs are back (and I appeared in this very paper in a crowd shot looking up with obvious delight over my face!).

Ok, this is the age of austerity and cuts, and local government has borne the brunt of it which means the local community has, too.

So don’t we deserve something special?

To escape for an afternoon to be guided away from the realities of the day-to-day slog.

That is what performance is about, to inject a bit of magic in to our lives.

And the popularity of the Harry Potter books and films alongside all the other fantasy films shows we still crave this.

So fingers crossed when we go down to our town centre in a few weeks’ time, we will find magical moments in our own backyard.

Alison B Allen is a regular columnist for the Harborough Mail




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