Lucky Louis recovering from garden cane ordeal

Louis with dad Michael and mum Laura Bent
Louis with dad Michael and mum Laura Bent

The parents of a five-year-old who was impaled through the mouth on a four-foot-long cane in his garden have thanked the medical teams who came to his aid.

Louis Bent, of Walton, near Lutterworth, had carried a cane with him to the top of a slide in his garden and as he began to move down the slope, he threw it.

The cane stuck in the grass at an angle and as he continued to slide, the end entered his mouth, cutting his lower lip and piercing his soft palate.

Louis’s parents were in the garden and heard him shout. Mum Laura rushed to her son, and slid Louis up the slide to remove him from the cane.

But she couldn’t pull the cane out as it was stuck in the ground at the other end.

“All his weight was pressing on the cane and I just wanted to remove it,” Laura said.

“There was a lot of blood, and he just clung to me.”

Dad Michael said: “It was like a bullet hole in the roof of his mouth and a flap of skin.

“There was a lot of blood.Strangely, I was pleased Louis was crying and screaming so much because it showed he hadn’t lost too much blood.”

A paramedic arrived within six minutes. The 999 operator told Laura (32), she should have left the post in but the operator didn’t realise that his weight was on the cane.

Laura said: “I thought it would have caused more damage if it was left in. Louis was crying and was clinging to me.”

Nine minutes after the paramedic arrived, an air ambulance arrived. The on-board doctor gave Louis further treatment before Louis, his mum and the doctor were taken by land ambulance to Leicester Royal Infirmary.

The incident happened shortly after 3.15pm on Good Friday. The next morning, Louis had an operation to repair the damage and he is now back home recovering well.

Laura said: “It was a miracle that it didn’t do any more damage.

“The cane could have hit him in the eye or gone through his throat. As it was, it caused an arc of damage along the roof of his mouth.”

Dad Michael (33), a senior golf pro at Kilworth Springs Golf Club in North Kilworth, said: “We both want to place on record our gratitude for the professionalism of all the medical people involved.”

Mark Williams, a consultant in emergency medicine at Leicester’s hospitals, said: “Louis’ injury was nasty, and would have been distressing to all involved, but Louis was incredibly brave throughout.

“He will feel sore for a few days, but I’m certain he will be back to his best soon.”