Holidaymaker warns others after drug ordeal

Harborough man Keith Low was drugged and robbed while on holiday in Spain
Harborough man Keith Low was drugged and robbed while on holiday in Spain

A golfing holiday in Spain turned to horror for a Harborough chauffeur when he was drugged, robbed and left unconscious in the street.

Keith Low (59) woke up in the early hours of the morning, having lost his money, a gold necklace – and about 90 minutes of his life. At first he had no idea where he was or what had happened.

He now believes he was one of three people in his golfing party whose drinks were spiked in a bar in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.

One other Harborough area man in the same group, who did not want to be named, was also robbed and left in the street. A third man became very ill, but managed to remain with friends.

Mr Low, a married father-of-five who lives in Rylands Close, is now back in Harborough. He decided to speak out about his ordeal, to warn other people of the dangers of spiked drinks.

He said: “It was a frightening experience, particularly when I look back on it now.

“People need to be aware that it’s not just a problem for young women. And pre-warned is pre-armed.”

Mr Low’s last memory of an evening out with around 15 golfing friends from the Harborough area on Saturday, May 17, was drinking in a bar called Tramps in Fuengirola, and being offered some free shots.

“We’d been watching the Tigers against Saints rugby match on the TV, and I’d had a couple of drinks, but I promise you I wasn’t drunk,” he said.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in the street in the early hours.

“I didn’t know where I was and at first I couldn’t talk, and could hardly stand,” he said.

“I tried to ring my wife, and she told me to ring my friends, and eventually I contacted one of the other lads and we managed to work out where I was by reading the names on street signs I could see.

“Eventually, my friends came and got me, and put me into a taxi. I don’t know how I got separated from them.

“I still can’t remember anything for about 90 minutes, from being in the bar to waking up on the street.”

“Later, I realised that thieves had stolen my gold necklace and emptied my wallet.”

Mr Low’s wife Lynn Low said her husband had called her in the middle of the night, clearly confused, and with no idea where he was.

“His voice wasn’t slurred or anything, he was just completely confused,” she said. “Looking back, he was showing all the classic signs of being drugged.

“I told him to ring his friends and to get back to his hotel. But then I had a sleepless night, because I didn’t hear anything more from him, and couldn’t contact him.

“He rang me at 8.30am the next morning to tell me what had happened, and had no memory of speaking to me the night before.

“We decided to warn people about what had happened to Keith.

“He’s travelled a lot and always thought he was pretty streetwise. I think this has really shocked him.”

A spokesman from the Foreign Office told the Mail that personal attacks are still rare in Spain but do occur, often carried out by other British nationals.

She said: “People need to be alert to the possible use of date rape and other drugs including GHB and liquid ecstacy.

“People think young women are always the target, but clearly that isn’t always the case, especially when the intention is robbery.

“Buy your own drinks and keep sight of them at all times to make sure they aren’t spiked.”