Hippy Jon’s column: When good deeds go bad...

Jon Pollard, aka Hippy Jon, is a columnist for the Harborough Mail.

Jon Pollard, aka Hippy Jon, is a columnist for the Harborough Mail.

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On the run-up to Christmas, I popped down into Market Harborough on one of my many shopping trips and parked in the Sainsbury’s car park.

Thinking I would be in town for a while, I pushed the boat out and paid the £1.20 for three hours rather than my customary 70p for two.

On return to my car, fully laden with unnecessary Christmas purchases, I realised that I had been parked for less than one hour.

Being the season of good will, I decided that I would pass on my ticket to a little old lady who had just parked next to me.

“Thank you so much,” she said, happy at the prospect of two hours’ free parking, and I drove home with that lovely feeling that only a random act of kindness can bring.

But as I unpacked my shopping, I noticed a sticker on my passenger window.

A car park sticker.

The sticker that I had purchased that very day.

Oh dear.

I had given the poor little old lady the wrong sticker.

She was parked in Sainsbury’s car park on an out-of-date sticker.

So if any of you know a lovely little old lady who is moaning about an aged hippy causing her to get a parking fine...

Tell her I’m sorry.

Column by Jon Pollard, aka Hippy Jon.

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