New recycling 'nodes' unveiled

GLASS and paper recycling is due to get easier in Harborough with two new facilities set to be installed in town.

Two state-of-the-art recycling banks for glass and paper – known as ‘nodes’ – are to be placed in the Commons car park, off Coventry Road, in Harborough.

Harborough District Council said it was introducing the nodes as part of its ‘on-going campaign to increase the amount of recycling in the district’.

Similar nodes have already been put in Sainsbury’s car park in Springfield Street, Harborough, School Road in Kibworth Beauchamp and Orchard Road in Broughton Astley, where the council says they have proved ‘highly successful’.

The nodes, which were drawn up by designer by E H Taylor, have a safety feature which prevents tampering.

Councillor Michael Rook, the council’s portfolio holder for waste management, said: “The great advantage for us with these new recycling banks is that they don’t require specialised transport to pick them up, they can be removed by regular vehicles.

“This means they can be emptied more often because we don’t have to wait for specialised collection lorries to become available.”

The council said there were no costs implications for the district council as they are being funded by the Government.