Dognapping suspected after Fi Fi goes missing

Fi Fi the dog
Fi Fi the dog

A couple who think their dog was stolen while a tribute band was performing at Shearsby Bath are appealing for help to get their beloved pet back.

French bulldog Fi Fi went missing from her home at the Shearsby Bath conference and wedding venue in Bruntingthorpe Road on Friday evening.

Rocky Houston and his wife Cherilynn

Rocky Houston and his wife Cherilynn

The incident was initially reported to police as a missing dog, but after Fi Fi’s owners searched high and low for their pet, they reported it as a theft on Monday.

Fi Fi, who is described as very friendly, is owned by couple Rocky and Cherilynn Houston who bought Shearsby Bath in 2004.

The couple live in a home in the grounds along with Fi Fi and her companion Rupert the Belgian shepherd.

Eagles tribute act Motel California were playing on the Friday night with about 100 people in attendance.

Mr Houston said: “We live above Shearsby Bath and there is a dog room downstairs at the back of the building as we have two pups.

“There is a dog flap so Fi Fi can get out into an area that is locked and gated with a picket gate.

“Fi Fi was there at 8pm on Friday night but when I went down on Saturday morning she was gone and the picket gate was open which started alarm bells ringing.”

Mr Houston said he heard Rupert bark at about 8.30pm and he now fears the Belgian shepherd was barking at an intruder who went on to dognap Fi Fi.

“I think someone came round the back.”

Mr Huston said that French bulldogs like Fi Fi are quite rare and as she is a pedigree puppy, could be worth about £2,500.

He added: “At first I wasn’t 100 per cent sure that she had been stolen but she has a collar and a chip and the more I thought about it and searched, the more I thought she must have been stolen.

“I spoke to the district’s dog warden and the police, and it is now logged as a theft.

“All we can do now is ask people to join in the search for her.”

The hunt for information has been taken to Shearsby Bath’s Facebook page and appeals over Fi Fi’s whereabouts have been shared more than 200 times.

Mr Houston said: “We’re trying to make her too hot to handle.

“I just hope she hasn’t gone to a puppy farm.”

Leicestershire Police confirmed the incident is being investigated as a theft.

If you have seen Fi Fi or have any information, call Mr Houston on 07939 275740 or the police on the 101 number.